GPS – putting artificial intelligence and Machine Learning at the heart of your business

GPS (Global Performance System) is an artificial intelligence-based solution that uses Machine Learning algorithms to optimise your performance and risk management. Its innovative methodology enables GPS to more acutely understand the dynamics of your organisation, increase the ability of decision-makers to take appropriate action and stimulate the overall performance of your company.

GPS, the Big Data solution for various corporate professions

Business situations are increasingly complex. Decision-making requires debate between all stakeholders, which should be consolidated by sophisticated and factual analysis of data masses available. GPS « enlightens » your data universe, making it intelligent and usable. The resulting interpretation is fully aligned with your performance objectives, and is adjusted to suit your needs in terms of risk management.

Decision-making data

As a crucial business asset, Big Data requires concrete, operational promotion. GPS offers its added-value by drawing on predictive analysis, artificial intelligence (integrating fractal models), neural networks and other statistical models developed. These various methods and disciplines are used together to optimise operational activities and support functions within a company in various fields









Automating data

The solution selects and collates data required for decision-making, from a strategic and governance perspective. Management teams are guided in their performance and transformation projects. Guaranteeing the transversal nature of processes and strategic alignment, GPS allows companies to anticipate risks and changes in its ecosystem, to lead transformation in an agile manner and increase operational efficiency.

Transforming analysis

By providing the wealth of opportunities offered by AI and Big Data tools, GPS allows companies to move from a simple system of pooling information, to revealing trends, for permanent understanding of the facts. Risk management lies at the very centre of what is offered by the solution.

Accelerating decision-making

By enabling coordinated performance management, GPS supports executive managers and monitoring bodies in implementing the commercial strategy. Compliance with regulatory standards is an integral part of the solution, to the same degree as risk management. Much more than a simple control tool, GPS commits the organisation towards a continuous cycle of improvement.

Optimising profitability

By implementing transformation, GPS proposes bespoke action plans and ensures indicated objectives are achieved. Operational management concretely identifies performance opportunities and levers, fully grasping the vision outlined by management.